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Partitions form a necessary and integral part in all forms of building and construction.  Often cheaper than masonry and certainly more lightweight, partitions can be constructed and dry lined in such a way to improve acoustic and fire performance.

Here at Wall2Wall Limited we offer all forms of lightweight partition construction as well as the erection of steel frame systems, load bearing or non load bearing.

We have the expertise necessary to be able to modify or improve a partition performance, value engineering a drywall solution often saving not only money but programme times.

Providing excellent levels of performance and flexibility metal stud partitions are the modern choice of architects and designers.  Particularly suitable for robust environments; schools, hospitals, nursing homes etc.  All elements of commercial, industrial and residential projects benefit from the use of performance rated partitions.

The introduction of insulation to the partition cavity will improve acoustic performance and metal stud partitions are manufactured with holes or slots to allow ease of service installation.

Metal or timber pattresses can be used to support larger items, integrated within the partitions.

Multi layered performance plasterboards and the application of acoustic sealant to wall and ceiling junctures will enhance the partitions’ performance. Extremely high sound proofing is readily attainable when metal partitions are professionally installed with all design criteria accounted for.

Here at Wall2Wall metal stud partitions are very much our bread and butter.  We understand the anomalies that can be inherent with complex designs.  We seek to improve construction methods and the subsequent performance of any metal systems we erect, value engineering were practicable.

Along with attention to detail and strict quality control, experience holds the key to our success.  

Wall2Wall Limited is a leading sub contractor at the forefront of metal stud partitioning, all finishes, quality and innovation.  We cover a large geographical area and are always interested in clients who wish to embrace an excellent client/subcontractor team work relationship.

Contact us to discuss your requirements further.