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Wall2Wall Limited supply and erect steel frame systems. We can provide structural or none load bearing solutions to suit a wide variety of applications.  Steel frame systems are versatile, lightweight and extremely quick to install. The forming of the critical water tight envelope for the builder is achieved far quicker than traditional construction methods afford.

Steel frame systems are a fast track building method and ideal for projects with short or demanding programmes.  The reduced site external wall erection time allows early access for follow on trades and is particularly suited to multi storey buildings.  Wall2Wall can provide advice, guidance and a solution when light gauge frame construction is an option on your construction project.

Steel Frame Systems, commonly called SFS are not restrictive in application or design and extremely flexible to suit your design needs. The steel structure is one of simplicity and design.


The saving to you is speed of erection, getting you into your building earlier; no warping, so finished walls and ceilings are a lot truer; stronger in construction than timber.


SFS is designed with the aid of the latest in computer CAD systems.  Quality control is such that steel can be precision rolled, cut and assembled to the highest standards attainable. Because of this, there is little or no waste.


Steel Frame System frames are naturally lighter, up to 70% lighter than timber. SFS does not rot, shrink, twist or become unstable like timber when moisture is present. Steel Frame Systems are a very stable and viable construction method, not subjected to the variations of nature

Here at Wall2Wall we offer an estimating package accounting for location, design requirements and constraints.  We can tailor our estimate accordingly to facilitate a budget price or a detailed engineered design solution totally specific to your project.

Further than that, if requested, we can estimate your full project finishing needs incorporating metal stud partitions, plastering, suspended ceilings and floor screed.

We are always available to assist with design, best practise and value engineering.

Contact us to discuss your requirements further.