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Dry lining is where we started out. Nursing homes, schools, houses; many timber framed buildings. We learnt all the different types of dry lining and passed on that experience to dry lining subcontractors who worked with us.  Dry lining is the way of incorporating a dry face to a substrate or background.  Plasterboard is the popular choice when opting for drylining and it can incorporate an insulation backing for additional thermal value.  With over thirty years of carrying out drylining contracts Wall2Wall offer knowledge and experience, value engineering your requirements specific to your own dry lining project.

We support all the major manufacturers of plasterboard – British Gypsum, Knauf and Lafarge subsequently enjoying excellent working relationships with their supply chains.  We work hard to supply drywall solutions to match or beat acoustic requirements, meeting fire rating needs, maintaining design integrity and criteria.

Whatever form of drylining you need we are leading drywall sub contractors at the forefront of quality and innovation. Wall2Wall Limited carry out commercial, industrial and residential drylining; drylining of every type.  We are proud of our knowledge and keep abreast of new lining and plasterboard based products offering exceptional value and improved performance.

Dry lining isn’t all we do.  We specialise in fire and acoustic rated partitions, steel frame systems, floor screeds and all elements of construction finishes including plastering.  When it comes to solving drylining issues and delivering a finishing solution there is no substitute for experience.