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Design is a concept not often embraced by a finishing or drylining contractor.  At Wall2Wall we believe in a different approach, working with our clients to provide cost effective and pragmatic design solutions across our full scope of works.  With company professional indemnity and an eye for what is best in a practical scenario we are well placed to offer design solutions. Experience should be shared and past successes built upon constructively.

Best practises in all forms of construction are derived from forward planning; lateral thinking and a practical, logical approach.  Of course design plays a large part in success and the better executed construction projects benefit from sound design and planning.

Whether you need a design solution for metal stud partitions, steel frame systems or a flowing screed, here at Wall2Wall we believe in offering advice and assistance.

Curved walls, suspended bulkheads, feature ceilings, even the design of floating floors can all benefit from the practicality that is borne by a contractor that has carried out exactly these types of work for over thirty years.

With a strategic approach it is quite possible to achieve expectation. With design, the specifications, plans, parameters and costs can be laid forth achieving the objective.

Of course we’ll help with your design, you simply need to ask.


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