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Flowing screed is the choice for many fast track projects. Flowing screed is so much more accurate than traditional sand and cement screed and cures in 24 hours. All makes of flowing screed continue to grow in use, recognition and popularity and for good reason.  Here at Wall2Wall we are pleased to be flowing screed approved installers for all the leading flowing screed manufacturers.

There is a popular misconception that flowing screed is ‘self – levelling’.  Not so.  Not just anybody can lay flowing screed.  It takes knowledge and experience, the right tools and to be fair, approval for installation from the flowing screed manufacturer.

Flowing screed can be laid at reduced depths when compared to sand and cement screed. 25mm bonded, 40mm on to insulation and 50mm to encompass under floor heating.  This reduction in depth can result in liquid screed being a more competitive option than sand and cement.

The lower depths achievable with the use of flowing screed will also make an under floor heating system more responsive and flexible during the warming and cooling periods.

At Wall2Wall Limited strict quality control, attention to detail and experience holds the key to our success.  

Wall2Wall Limited is a leading flowing screed sub contractor at the forefront of flowing screed quality and innovation.  We cover a large geographical area and are always interested in new clients who wish to use our fully trained and approved flowing screed teams.

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